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IT Professional / Multi-disciplinary Web Developer / WordPress Expert / All Things Web / Avid Doodler / Dreamer

Who I am

Hello there! My name is Elissavet (or Elisavet) Triantafyllopoulou and I come from Greece. I know - I know. Please call me Ellie or Beth.

I’ve been in love with the Internet since 1999 and worked as a web developer and designer since 2003.

I am an End-to-End Web Developer and Designer, coding both back-end and front-end, specializing in WordPress design and development as well as digital promotion and website maintenance.

I am an avid doodler, a dreamer and an INFP amongst a gazillion other things.

Feel free to reach me on my other personal accounts, using the links provided on the sidebar.

What I do

Helping businesses, webmasters, and individuals establish a successful Web Presence from 2003 to date, having worked on a variety of projects ranging from small websites to medium scaled web applications.

I am experienced on all phases of the product cycle, as depicted in the image you see: idea, concept and design, analysis and development as well as launch and promotion of the final product. Hands on experience in Information Architecture and Database Design, Web Development and Design, popular Open Source CMS Theming and Templating, User Support, Communications Assistance and Digital Marketing.

Et cetera

I love fluffy kittens and sour cherry juice, sci-fi and crochet.

I am currently located in Thessaloniki (or Thessalonica, Salonika or Salonica), Greece, where I came as a youngster to study Applied Informatics or Information Technology applied to Business and Economics. I got that degree with a B+.

I was born and raised in a rural small town in Greece, Karpenissi, where the stars would shine for you every time it wasn't cloudy, the breezes would smell Alpine freshness and new snow, and the mesmerizing image of the Milky Way would remind you of those summer nights...

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